Friday, October 10, 2008

I'll fall with your knife


Hello and welcome to five posts about Falln! Falln is the creation of Azriel Demain, and I am happy to write about his works for the next few days (interspersed by other people's Halloween costumes). The outfits I'll wear are half ethnic and half gothic, which is a pretty decent summary of his collection. I've tried to stay true to this aesthetic by wearing ethnic-gothic styling, a gothic skin as opposed to a geisha one. I love the flowing lines and colors of the kimono and chose non-traditional hair to match, something brilliant against the pale skin.

Abranimations makes twelve kinds of geisha dances, and my avatar is engaged in one of them for these photos. The dances come with these free fans, and I found myself staring for a long time as the avatar danced for me, trying to see whether the fans and the flailing sleeves interfered with each other. They didn't, of course! Good job, Abranimations! Boneflower Designs' Kawaii Shape (jiang li) was perfect for the kimono. I'm a huge fan of her shapes -- the one I normally wear is the very pretty Sasha, but her no-mod hips are a little too wide for system skirts. The Kawaii Shape was the perfect skirt-wearing alternative.

I'm especially sleepy today because right before bed I realized that the first chapter of my dissertation is due next week. Eep! That kept me up fretting until two...and therefore my day is mush. In fact, the sensation is neatly summarized by this strip from PHD comics. I love and hate this web-comic; sometimes it hits home a little too hard.



***Outfit: Falln Kimono Jeweled Autumn
***Nails: SHOP SEU black nail
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Faun bits: Queen Titania's Court Female Faun in Obsidian
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Whispers of Night Deathly F [Blood Harlequin Slayer]
***Shape: Boneflower Designs ~ broken ~ kawaii female shape - jiang li
***Dance and free fans: Abraminations Geisha Dance #12

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