Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I see you down on the scene

The refuge 06

Yesterday I hung out for a little while with Siri Woodget. She's such an amazing explorer and one of my first friends in Second Life (do check out her explorer's blog!). After a year of knowing each other in Second Life, we're still very much immersed in what we're doing. Siri's been everywhere and seen everything while I've had my nose in my inventory sorting clothing. I feel a little sheepish whenever I speak to her, because there's so much that I simply haven't done. I've made a vow to poke her more often and ask her what she's up to so that I can leave my pose stand!

We danced for a while, and then we got to talking. Siri talked about her love of the work of AM Radio, and sent me a few landmarks. The photos in this location are due to Siri's landmarks -- they're taken at The Refuge. The sim reminded me of stepping into someone's painting of an isolated farm. Here I am standing at a window all bathed in the golden sunlight of a late Winter's afternoon, watching the snow.

I'm in my dancing clothes, and a new skin from MiaSnow Myriam. Sakuradawn Lei and I both put them on together, and the first thing Sakuradawn said to me was: "OMG -- I feel so pretty!" I hope she'll be posting her own review of the skin soon. I was struck by a few things. First, how gorgeous my avatar looks with a naturally short-cropped hairdo (and so great for a low-arc look), and second, how ethnic she looks. The skin isn't simply a dusky white person, the skin looks the way a black person ought to look, with soft full lips and high cheekbones...

And she looks lovely in that golden light.

The refuge 01

The refuge 05

The refuge 07

***Skin: *miasnow* skin foxy girl 2
***Shirt: MichaMi Asymmetrical Dress in Yellow, shirt layer
***Skirt: (creamshop) Gold Dot Skirt
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) party pumps in gold
***Necklace: LUC Ambrosia disc earrings and necklace in goldbrown


MiaSnow said...

do you ever get chills or have your eyes water up when something moves you?? i just got both. the pictures are glorious and so glad you got off the posing stand for a sec... i get stuck there alot tew :D

Auntykuro said...

I'm so glad you liked the pictures -- I like the skin just as much. Really well done, Mia !

Unknown said...

First, you are one of my favorite SL bloggers - I love your unique style, you've opened up so many new possibilities to me (and caused me to shop my little purse dry). Second I'm DYING to have that skin, I keep checkig MiaSnow's shop and I'm not seeing I missing it somehow? Third, that short cropped hair, where is it from? I've been looking for something exactly like that.

Auntykuro said...

Hey =) The hair comes with the skin - ! And if I were you, I'd shoot MiaSnow Myriam an IM saying "WHERE DID U PUT THIS." Because it needs to be worn by everyone!

Thank you kindly for the words <3