Friday, October 17, 2008

I has a bindi, see?


I dragged Hethr Engle over to Honey Kitty last night to find something that would look nice with this next pair of ~ First Flower ~ pastel boots, the Witch-hazel II in pink blush. The shoes are a lovely misty shade of pink, and I crossed my eyes trying to match it exactly, when Hethr said: Go darker to bring out the lighter color! She is a color Jedi, and I am but her padawan learner.

Wait, that might require a rat tail. Nevermind.

Today was a strange day. I spent half of it doing errands with my child, who said some strange things: "Mama, Uncle Sean is pretty because I like him. Uncle Jake isn't pretty, but Arthur [his dog] is pretty." Interesting. "Pretty" is her linguistic measure for how much she likes a person, I guess!

Aside from that, I also saw the movie The Duchess, and ... although it was a fine, decent, engrossing, credible movie, it gave me a few things to think about like why is it that women who enjoy sex must never go unpunished? and Hey, I've read about the Duchess of Devonshire, and she wasn't as lily-white and sympathetic as a Hollywood movie has to paint her. Ah well. Despite glossing lightly over her amazing gambling debts and torrid affair(s), the movie was decent, and I wasn't disappointed by young Knightly.

I do hope to see some 1750s-era clothing out on the feeds soon - !

Hm, I have rambled. This dress is from Honey Kitty, and brings out the blush in these beautiful blush boots. The dark bits of the outfit are from one of my favorite ~silentsparrow~ outfits, Beloved Lolita in Violet. The skin is lovely, eh? It's one of the new ones from SLink (credits below).



***Boots: ~First Flower~ Witch-hazel II in pink blush
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Starlene earrings and necklace in purple
***Undershirt, cuffs, bloomers stockings: ~silentsparrow~ from the Beloved undershirt fatpack and the Beloved lolita in violet
***Hair: **DP**yumyum 04 sesame black
***Dress: Honey Kitty *H+K* (grape) summer candy
***Skin: SLink Bijou Skin Pale Pink
***Bindi: Zaara purple bindi (store freebie)


Violet Voltaire said...

Man, every time I saw Keira's jewelry I drooooled! I love that dress!

Heather said...

You look so adorable!!! Also I think you could rock the rattail...