Thursday, October 23, 2008

I grow old, I grow old


~silentsparrow~ and Calico have released the last of their Halloween collaborations. I do love these...I think those two inspire each other. The mermaid hair falls in loose natural curls over the shoulders, meeting the seaweed and seahorse etching of the top. The skirt is finely detailed and floaty, and the ear fin and tail embellishments are perfect for a mermaid princess.

I'm going to stay the hell away from Little Mermaid references (how often has my child seen the Disney version?), and instead head straight to poetry. Why are mermaids so magical? They seem like the embodiment of dangerous beauty, the essence of the feminine set loose in nature, always alluring and always a bit self-interested. Mermaids never seem to care what happens to the men they lure...I can hear the longing in T.S. Eliot's words:

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

I do not think they will sing to me.

I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.
-- From T.S.Eliot's Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock




***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Nymphai (mermaid costume) with 12 pieces, including a lovely corset on two layers, tail fins, ear fins, seaweed-embellished gloves, and two kinds of stockings...
***Setting: Balderdash's mermaid cove.
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* Green Goddess Skin 5
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Nymphai II - Dark Lime

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Alyx Sands said...

...there will be time to murder and just gave me a serious flashback to my first term at uni, where we discussed "Prufrock". Awwww....I've always love that line.