Sunday, October 12, 2008

hyasynth for Halloween

Guest-star hyasynth Tiramisu

hyasynth dressed in three costumes for Halloween. Have you ever read anything by Charles deLint? Her looks remind me of magical realism -- the intermixing of the human and faerie worlds in a way that produces something new. She's human at first glance, but when you look closer and closer you realize that there's something fey about her. Could it be the hooves, neatly encased in boots? The delicate point of the ear? The wings that might not be just for show?

Second Life is the perfect land for magical realism. Most of the physics are like RL, except for the vast capacity to create and become anything you wish... A good thing to remember for Halloween!


outfit 1
--(winter) seelie fairy waist cincher ~silentsparrow~
--(violet) beloved lolita skirt (ornate) ~silentsparrow~
--(royal) seelie top ~silentsparrow~
--(winter) seelie fairy garters ~silentsparrow~
--(boo) unseelie wings ~silentsparrow~
(ie various sparrow bits)
--Fleur Vivant Cream Marni 1
--[LP] Hya Boots ocean
--Illusions*~*Mystic Ear: Elfin/Naturals
--Aubrey bracelet - silver and blue topaz (left)
--(Miriel) Eyes - Snow (Big)
--Hair Seelie - Dusk - Calico


outfit 2
--Kimiko - Obsidian Steel - Calico
--::Violet Voltaire:: Glitterati Earrings - Black
--Illusions*~*Demon Wings : White & *~*Minerva Necklace: Tarnished - illusions
--Valerian Girls - First Flower
--LBB Shroud ring - Tomo's shop :)
--Fleur Vivant Gothique Corbeau 1
--Rebel Hope Designs Bat Girl costume (ears, belt, shorts/top)
--(Miriel) Eyes - Flame (Big)
--Fleur Ribbed Tights Legs Grey
--(ash) dominion stockings ~silentsparrow~
--(ashes) seelie waist cincher ~silentsparrow~


outfit 3
--white? wedding ~silentsparrow~
--(Miriel) Eyes - Zircon (Big)
--Schadenfreude Silver Screen Elsa Eye Chest Upper Chop Lower (doll)
--Wrath I - Dark Blood- Calico
--Schadenfreude Lucent Bow Heel
--Wilted wedding bouquet - dark - Shiny Things


Heather said...

She looks beautiful!

hyasynth tiramisu said...

aww thank you Heathr I had fun taking the photos :3