Thursday, October 30, 2008

A few Halloween freebie favorites

Cost of outfit: 2L

Freebies make up a hefty portion of my wardrobe, especially after the past few weeks! I decided to put on a few of my favorites from the Halloween crop, including some old standbys (like Philotic Energy's dollarbie hair, and this freebie skin from Heaven's Shape).

I really love the Bare Rose Orange Mist coat. It's part of a freebie Halloween hunt, and I wouldn't have been able to find it if not for help from a lovely certain person (yay Nivaya). Read more about the hunt at the FabFree blog here. I also love the big orange netted skirt from Ingenue (Retrology hunt gift) and these incredible shoes. Nix Sands of D'Fly Shoes really does make a creative set of footwear, and they sparkle. The shoes are store Halloween dollarbies that Elusyve Jewell found and gave me. Thanks, Elusyve! Also notable are the adorable group gift wings from Pink Fuel (shown below). Pumpkin chibi wings, fashioned after the addictive tattoo from the bubblegum vendor...

Don't forget Japanese sims for Halloween - ! The bow is a totally cute freebie that I got while trolling about Lico Lico, and there are other freebies here and there around the mall.

The total cost of my outfit, including skin, was: 2 Lindens. (I apologize for all of the extra kira-kira sparkles in my photos. I'd rather capture glow than not, but it kinda gets out of control with this new viewier.)




***Glasses: Schadenfreude green spectacles from the Oz hunt
***Shoes: Dollarbie D'Fly Candy Corn Gift Pumps from D'Fly Shoes
***Skin: Heaven's Shapes another skin mod, sakura_gothic Wild Red - store freebie
***Jacket: Bare Rose Orange Mist Halloween Hunt freebie
***Skirt: from Ingenue, part of the Retrology hunt, full net skirt
***Hair: Philotic Energy Courtnay in light auburn, store dollarbie
***Hair bow: kmax_ribbon_halloween gift
***Wings: Pink Fuel group gift -- [PF] Chibi Wing-Halloween-Sparkle (chest)


Allegory Malaprop said...

Heh, all the orange especially, spoiling you! But I know you look forward to Halloween every year, partly for that! :) The next freebie season is far less likely to be things that bulk up your every day wardrobe.

Heather said...

I sort of like the little sparklies that are showing up with the new viewer for you!

Auntykuro said...

alle -- yeah, i am not such a christmas hog, the red and green don't do much for me. :D

hethr: hehe, it looks like i've photoshopped the background, eh? :D