Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Decrepit dolly

Brandy Rasmuson as the decrepit dolly

Brandy Rasmuson is the fourth victim in my series of girls-in-Halloween-wear. Should I use the word "girl" to refer to women? I'm not sure I should, eh? It seems endemic in fashion writing, however, as if the term has been reappropriated in female-heavy industries much like the term "queer" has been in gay society. Anyway, I digress. Brandy is the fourth woman who is kind enough to photograph herself in Halloween-wear, and she says:

The look I keep going back to for just about anything related to Halloween has been this kind of gothy doll/ballerina one.

The look suits Brandy as well as the spirit of the holiday. Brandy has a well-worn Victorian dolly look, as if a little girl's high-wire carny doll had been left out in the rain for too long. Kind of makes you want to take her home and stick pins in her, eh? I notice that Brandy's outfit revolves around items from Black Swan - the ballerina frock from Shai, and the dolly key from Violet Voltaire. Much like I tend to cling to ~sparrow~ stuff, Brandy is known by her Exile hair, and it suits her well!

I've really been enjoying writing about other people. For one thing it moves my blog beyond the same things all the time, and for another it introduces me to awesome (new-to-me) shops. I might've shopped a bit while gathering people's slurls. *cough*

Up later tonight is Miss Hethr Engle, and she looks a treat!



Photography, modeling and styling by Brandy Rasmuson
***Skin - LF Chai - Sugar - Coeur (group gift)
***Hair: Exile Love Song twilight
***Dress - Shai Rosalind Ballerina Dress for Black Swan
***Doll Key - Violet Voltaire No Love Lost
***Earrings - Paper Couture Black Fleur
***Lashes - Miriel Glamour
***Eyes: Shine Helena Pathos (me lol)
***Manicure - Sin Skins Glitter Manicure Black
***Tights - Fleur Opaque Tights Black
***Boots - Shiny Things Button Boots - black


Nivaya Barbosa said...

Brandy, I have the urge to steal you and put you in a music box <3
....I've watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang too much in my lifetime I think...

Also yum @ Tim-Burton-esque swirls on that tutu <3

Brandy Rasmuson said...

Thanks again for asking me to share an outfit! And Nivaya, I thought the very same thing about the swirls when I saw the dress, and that's a huge part of why I had to buy it. As for the music box, though you can't really tell in my shots, that reddish background in a couple of them is actually a huge jewelry box I made just for showing off the outfit. I'm seriously a sucker for this wind-up doll look lately.