Friday, October 24, 2008

Broken photos are broken


MiaSnow...What are you up to over there on Hwang? You have a number of cute little photo boxes set up, but I'm not sure if they're for sale or for people to play that as it may, I went ahead and played in them today. Yes, I haven't yet figured out how to take photos with the new viewer! All of those splotches of light are because my pictures are broken. Mia suggested that I resize my browser to fit the photo size, and I played with that a bit, but I wasn't able to quite get it right. So far the new viewer's been kind of a disaster for me. When I click things, it crashes. That's rather detrimental to my SLing !

All grumblies aside, this outfit has several lovely parts to it. The first is the adorable Halloween Kitty group gift from Draconic Kiss (activate your group tag at the store to get it). The second, MiaSnow's Wild Woman hair in new colors! It's part of the Ghost Busters grid-wide hunt sponsored by Vain Inc, and packs of these will be in her store hidden in the ghost. The third, Slink's batty bijou Halloween skin -- it gives me a rather egyptian look, and I quite like it. And fourth, the Kurotsubaki feathered boots. I love the softness of these, and my RL self totally wants to snitch 'em.

My cat is sleeping on my foot, and it's a cold day outside. Have a good one!



***Lip ring: ::FlipSide:: Kitteh bell mouth piercing set F11
***Boots: *KUROTSUBAKI* Feather Boots Orange
***Outfit: Draconic Kiss Halloween Kitty group gift -- with armwarmers, stockings, pretty frock...
***Hair: MIASNOW Wild Woman 2 black/orange from the Ghost Busters hunt.
***Skin: Slink Bijou Skin Pale Batty
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