Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue in orange


I had a strange moment of loneliness last night. I bought myself a kotatsu table to stave off the chill in the SL air, and when I placed it in the middle of my little sky pad, I realized that I'd be sitting at it all by myself. Buying a kotatsu with nobody to share it is kinda like buying a sex bed, I guess (which I don't own, by the way! hee). Kotatsu tables are meant to be shared... I have those moments in SL, sometimes, where the grid seems empty and my place in it seems small, especially because my friends are hard-working people! (Or maybe it's just PMS? Hm.)

You can see the kotatsu here. It's made by MnM Design (the people who make the awesome lounging cats), and the 600L version has an array of options for animated posing and changing the look of the tabletop.


I tugged myself out of the blues, though. I dragged Ellantha and Allegory over and made them sit, and soon we were all playing around with the animations. Anyway. Perhaps the point is, if you've ever felt lonely in SL, you aren', alone. Ellantha is the one who totally told me about the awesome cat hold! She even tugged me over when the lucky chair at Pink Fuel was on A. Thanks, Ella! Yay Halloween cat plushies!

This morning I felt like being sleek and elegant in my October attire, and hence I'm wearing leather from SLink (the pants make my arse look awesome!). Down in the credits, you'll see that three items from this outfit are free. The boots are also a buckled thing of wonder from TESLA, and totally sleekify me. ...Sure that's a word.



Free items:
***Kitteh: Pink Fuel [PF] Bandaged Kitty w/ Orange Eyes (comes with more for head, arm, etc. !) -- lucky chair freebie!
***Henna on hand: Zaara Eid Gift (freebie) Arabic Henna
***Hat: Kurotsubaki witch hat freebie in the Halloween display

Other outfit details:
***Pierce: No Mercy Lip Piercing
***Necklace: /artilleri/ wing heart necklace *orange beads*
***Tattoo: *Tramp Stamp Tattoos* The Tragix
***Hair: Kin-Avery-red
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Monarch
***Shoes: TESLA Hylda Boot in Black
***Jacket: SLink Leather Jacket Burnt Orange
***Pants: SLink Leather Pants

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