Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A beauty with braaaaaaaiiiiiiins

Elusyve Jewell models some fabulous Halloween wear

Last night I sat around sipping wine and fishing while Elusyve did all the hard work of being macabrely gorgeous for the blog. I kind of like this managing editor life! Set someone on a task and then goof off...no wonder people get into management. *g* At any rate, here's Elusyve Jewell looking stunning despite the recent zombie attack that left her mauled and pustulent. I do like how the hair adds to the fresh-from-the-grave look, and how she picked an outfit that will definitely be on zombie must-have lists. One should never shuffle about the grid unfashionably unkempt, after all!

You'll be seeing a few more posts with other people in them this week while my avatar takes a wine-and-fishing break (the Halloween series started yesterday with the Witchy Pixie post). I love seeing other people's styles (and Elusyve is one of my favorite bloggers who never writes -- I think I need to turn this into an Elusyve-stalking blog and write about her instead), and I hope you'll enjoy the break from my own avatar's taste. (I know I will! Cheers to fish!)

Photography, modeling and styling by Elusyve Jewell
***Socks: *kame*Socks*brown-b from Kame
***Eyes: Vampire_EyeZ_green from "house of EyeZ
***Outfit: Skullbones Brown set from Zipz
***Corset(ribbones) Cannibal Corset from CatniP
***Shoes: Streetwalker Eggplant Stars from Snatch
***Hair: Model Hair 01 from ::69::
***Skin: Nomine Plague skin -freebie from Nomine


Peter Stindberg said...

Oh, yeah, nice brain. All over the sidewalk...

/me loves Elusyve

MusicMel said...

hmm I saw this picture else where. Except it was way better. Nice Rip tho

Achariya Rezak said...

-- Rip ?

Did you know that the hair comes with the pose embedded within it, Musicmel? Also, I find your comment utterly rude. Before you accuse a blogger of ripping anything, you should have the couth to ask what her inspiration was -- in this case, the hair itself is inspired by American Beauty, and therefore any photo taken with it is going to have the same pose (due to the hair) and a similar theme.

Also: I'm done giving a rude person like you energy.

Nivaya Barbosa said...

Musicmel, dude, be nice, wtf. How incredibly rude are you?! For shame >:(

Also I can out-immature you, watch: "Hmm I saw YOUR FACE else where. Except it was way better. Nice Rip tho"


Creamy Cooljoke said...

Beautiful pics, I <3 Elusyve too :))

musicmel, what a silly, unintelligent comment. Try leaving a comment on a subject you actually know about darlin.

Winter Jefferson said...

I <3 E-Bag and her style so much. Nice feature Achariya.

I'm going to assume Musicmel meant that she had already seen this picture on Elu's stream itself. Otherwise kindly contact me inworld. I'd be more than pleased to demonstrate ripping.