Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A beauty with braaaaaaaiiiiiiins

Elusyve Jewell models some fabulous Halloween wear

Last night I sat around sipping wine and fishing while Elusyve did all the hard work of being macabrely gorgeous for the blog. I kind of like this managing editor life! Set someone on a task and then goof off...no wonder people get into management. *g* At any rate, here's Elusyve Jewell looking stunning despite the recent zombie attack that left her mauled and pustulent. I do like how the hair adds to the fresh-from-the-grave look, and how she picked an outfit that will definitely be on zombie must-have lists. One should never shuffle about the grid unfashionably unkempt, after all!

You'll be seeing a few more posts with other people in them this week while my avatar takes a wine-and-fishing break (the Halloween series started yesterday with the Witchy Pixie post). I love seeing other people's styles (and Elusyve is one of my favorite bloggers who never writes -- I think I need to turn this into an Elusyve-stalking blog and write about her instead), and I hope you'll enjoy the break from my own avatar's taste. (I know I will! Cheers to fish!)

Photography, modeling and styling by Elusyve Jewell
***Socks: *kame*Socks*brown-b from Kame
***Eyes: Vampire_EyeZ_green from "house of EyeZ
***Outfit: Skullbones Brown set from Zipz
***Corset(ribbones) Cannibal Corset from CatniP
***Shoes: Streetwalker Eggplant Stars from Snatch
***Hair: Model Hair 01 from ::69::
***Skin: Nomine Plague skin -freebie from Nomine
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