Sunday, October 19, 2008

Albero treasure hunt

Some of the many furniture-type items you can also get from the Albero hunt*.

Tabris Pau of Japancakes (she's the cute wee bunneh) and I are showing off our loot from the Albero treasure hunt. I didn't have enough neat stuff in my inventory, obviously, so I had to get 38 more adorable little presents. WHY must Japanese designers make such deathly cute stuff? It sneaks into my inventory and breeds and I can't bring myself to get rid of any of it. Be very careful on this hunt and make sure you have a budget - ! You'll end up spending money in each of these locations; I did. We're showing off just a few of the 38 presents that include jewelry, plushies, furniture, trees, outfits, hair, shoes... With thanks to Ellantha Larsson, as always, for the hunt help. ♥

How to play. Go to the sim and click one of the hunt signs. (SLURL to Albero Mall). It will give you the following note:

Pumpkin Festival Treasure Hunt will be held in ALBERO and Cioccolata Shopping mall from 14:00SLT Oct. 17 - 8:00 SLT Oct.26
1. The presents are hidden in the main stores inside key-word protected boxes.
2. Start by searching in Cioccolata & ALBERO for boxes with numbers on them. The boxes hold the key-words. There are 37 boxes in total.
3. You will see a TP bar in front of each shop which will take you to the main stores.
4. When you reach the main stores, please search for boxes with the same number as you have. Stand in front of the box you have found and type the key-word into the chat window to get your present.
ex: /01 ciocco (01 is a number on the box)

*Note on that top photo: the pictures, photoglobe and bunneh are not from the Albero hunt :D.

win cuteness 06
The adorable Tabris Pau joins me today.

win cuteness 02

win cuteness 01

(From the hunt)
***Head bunny: Kushu*Kushu Happy Halloween Rabbit
***Watch: Cherry Branch Watch
***Scarf: TOSL Autumn Blossoms Scarf
***Outfit: anuenue ALBEROone Dress
(Not from the hunt)
***Boots: Kurotsubaki feather boots in brown
***Glasses: PrimOptic Celeste Glasses
***Hair: Hiccup Slow Jams in Black
***Kani parts: Lost Furrest Kani White

(From the hunt)
***Shoulder thingie: Sway's Cookie bear girl - shoulder attachment
***Undershirt: *Fishy Strawberry* bon bon top - Pumpkin
***Outfit: Hal*Hina Pumpkin Festival Dress (it has a skirt I'm not wearing)
(Not from the hunt)
***Headband: Japancakes Pearl Heart Headband
***Boots: Lazy Places [LP] Synth Halloween
***Hair: kin-momo-red
***Kani parts: Lost Furrest Kani Splotchy
***Plushie: (CSR) ittybunny from DP**yumyum -- just to get us ready for the winter one!

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