Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Season of mists and fae

Seelie 04

I love Autumn so much. It's the turn of the year from light to dark, turning humans toward introspection and away from the motion-oriented Summer... Soon, the Unseelie and Seelie will emerge from under the hill to walk in our world. It's necessary to be dressed for the event! In Second Life, we're lucky enough to be able to don elegantly sultry brocade and walk where the fae walk...

This is the Seelie dress from ~silentsparrow~. If you recall, the Unseelie outfit came out for Halloween last year, and now I've got a small collection of Fae-themed ~silentsparrow~ garb. This year, the suit has the keyhole top theme that hy's been working with lately, as well as a fishtail line for the skirt. The dress sets come in eight tones, and are interchangeable -- here, I'm wearing a mixture of the Ash and Ember colors. The hair is by Calico Ingmann Creations, made to match the outfit, and it's fluffy and spiky and perfect.

Along with this dress, I'm continuing to wear Violet's Love Like Blood set. I have a horrible habit of putting on Violet's jewelry and...not taking it off for a while. Darn that Violet for catching hold of something inside of my mind that I wanna wear and...making it. I've also got on GLORIOUS rust-colored Witch Hazel II boots from First Flower. I'm going to go huddle in a corner and lick them now.

Edit: Just heard that these boots are now on sale next to Seelie at ~silentsparrow~ <3

Seelie 10

Seelie 05

Seelie 03

Seelie 02

***Outfit(s): ~silentsparrow~ -- I'm wearing bits of two Seelie outfits, the Seelie in (ashes) and the Seelie in (embers). Outfit has twelve parts! Including hot little shortpants and garters, stockings, a system skirt that's one of the coolest I've seen, floaty skirt prims, sculpty gloves, elegant bow pasties, a corset, and a keyhole top. Oh! And flappy wings!
***Shoes: First Flower Witch-Hazel II in Rust
***Skin: Curio/Gala Phoenix :GP: Pearl-Monarch
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Seelie - Snow with a color and texture-changing rose, with optional vines even.
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* <3 Heartsie <3 mouth


Elizabeth Hallstrom said...

Its very nice to see a blog that features well made fantasy/alternative wear.

hyasynth tiramisu said...

super hot fairy Acha!
*fans self*

Auntykuro said...

hee hee.

thanks, elizabeth, for liking this blog.

hy, it's easy to look hot in this one designer's outfits, ya know. <3

Severina said...

*whispers to Acha* The boots are called Witch-Hazel II (rather than Valarian) and have finally been released!

*polishes up boots with Acha lick on them* <3

Auntykuro said...

LOLZ *edit edit* you think i would've looked at the folder name or something.

i think i'll re-timestamp so i can say it's now on sale next to the dress.