Monday, September 1, 2008


I've forgotten how to blog! I think I normally put on clothing and then write about something, right? Hm, at least I have photos and credits, so that's a start. I'd also like to note that I came back to SL only to find a crisp, elegant gown from ~silentsparrow~ waiting for me. Boy, that made my week, especially because I had enough L to buy several colors (not being around to shop sure was good on my wallet). I wore the sea Dominion gown yesterday.

When I was at Dragon*Con there were a ton of people wearing Victorian steampunk garb, just like in Steelhead or Babbage or Caledon. I instantly had RL steampunk envy, so I went and got myself a pair of leather and brass goggles (cough). I absolutely had to wear cogs and gears today just to get over some of my longing. And damnit, next year I vow to make my meat body as cool as the SL avatar at this con. (Okay -- not quite as cool. Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of some IRL childbirth flab with a swift movement of a slider?)

Also, isn't this a neat tent? Okay, fine, give me a few days to get my groove back. IRL is so distracting! :D

***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ dominion suite in rust
***Rabbit tent and environs: Rabbit*Kiss Rabbit TENT
***Hat: UnZipped Steampunk Tophat
***Bad arm: Le Petit Prince SteamPunk Left arm armor
***Boots: First Flower Witch-hazel in rust
***Hair: -Hiccup Fashionably Strung Out in black/purple
***Skin: minajunk skin cyber04
***Jewelry: -EARTHTONES- Ambrosia necklace and earrings in goldbrown/gold

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Dawn said...

I want that tent!!!