Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh for an A!

Cry skin 02

This is my usual lucky chair expression. Then, I hopped to katat0nik's lucky chair, it turned to ?, and I snagged this beautifully made lolita outfit, much to the chagrin of those around me. Apologies. But I have turned lucky chair cutthroat after six weeks of no Silvery Sylvan =_=.

Minajunk's new skins are variations on the "cry" design that she'd made for the CSR giveaway. I think what I like most about it is that it comes with tear-stained eyes and a gorgeous little prim tear -- extremely convincing, this skin. A reminder that Second Life is full of woe, sometimes; as much sorrow as RL only concentrated into a tiny little petrie dish.

The necklace is from TheCloset, and I am inflicting you with more J's boots, too. Kurotsubaki's bandage watch is so very macabre steampunk, right down to the palid, diseased whiteness of the wrappings. I do love Gothic Lolita, where Japanese fashion and goth fashion meet. The result is something hybrid, "Hello Gothy," cute as opposed to overtly sexualized. Thanks for making Loli designs, everyone, it totally makes my Second Life.

I'm off to battle for my child's medicaid! Wish me luck.

Cry skin 05

Cry skin 03
Adorable detailing on the back of the boots and tights, eh?

Cry skin 04

***Hair: booN DOT742 hair H&Blonde pack
***Necklace: **THECLOSET**featherpendantrc
***Dress: katat0nik (silver) Strawberry dream dress - lucky chair!
***Watch: *KUROTSUBAKI* bandage bangle watch
***Boots: J's Back-ribbon boots
***Skin: *minajunk skin cry* black with eyes and brows too

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