Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inu wear at Harajukubox


Harajukubox is having a clothing fair. I went and found this very adorable neko dress. Then, probably because I'm cramping like mad, my inner rebellious beast emerged and decided that it's actually an inu dress. (If it's nekos you're wanting today, might I suggest reading this awesome post?)

Yesterday I played Garage Band for the first time. I was the singer, as befits my diva personality, and my first choice of song had to be Bon Jovi. That's right, I belted out Wanted Dead or Alive and got a 90% ! I think that this is because I clocked five formative years in Jersey, ya know? It's part of the Jersey Girl test: Can you sing Bon Jovi word-for-word? and Did you own a pair of chartreuse acid wash jeans? Yes to both. Not only that, but my hair could be sprayed about six inches off my forehead. I can't wait until fashion turns and this is back in style -- instead of straight ironing, everyone's going to start ratting it up again.

Ah, this patch of nostalgia brought to you by X Box. Back in Second Life, my avatar spent much of yesterday either fishing or being at a fashion show (the show was for Slink, and it was lovely). You know, it would be fun if one could do both at once ! A fishin' fashi'n show -- "Come in your best 7seas hat." (*grin* -- I'm joking, honest.)

Inu 03

Inu 04

Inu 06

***Shoes: :69: AntiqueBoots - Black - with additional Neko parts
***Tattoos: MiaSnow *mia* star design multi on leg and torso
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* Dalmation dame skin 1 with additional ears
***Hair: -Hiccup long mess in black
***Random mouth choco strawberry thing from Harajukubox clothing fair
***Outfit: *No Mercy* Perkly, comes with cute teddy to hold. Harajukubox clothing fair
***Collar: Lazy Places Love Ach Collar

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