Thursday, September 4, 2008

I like Lico Lico, post #3

Shout-out to the morning crew of ~silentsparrow~ chair people: Ashly Berman, Belldandy GossipGirl, Miranda Milestone, Betty Doublas, Evangeline Schism, yukino Scharfberg, Sheepie Meili, Romy Mehler, guuguu Giha and Lala Marjeta. (And the folks from last night, sadly didn't get to write you guys down.)

This is my third post in the stuff found at LicoLico mall series. You'll notice that I'm not currently at LicoLico in these photos, because I've been busy stalking the outfits in the ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair. Another "A" letter had a tag above her name that read, "Lucky Chairs Hate Me." It's very true. I've spent about six hours stalking the chair, and gotten two of the three suits so far. The silvery sylvan will be mine, oh yes... (Unless Azazeal or Allegory get to it first!)

Last night I asked everyone if they minded me going naked and putting on outfits for the blog, and everyone was very nice. "Go right ahead," they said, so the outfit construction and photos were entirely done while waaaaaaiiiiiting for the lucky chair. Waiting is not so bad! I've never had such tidy inventory. And it's nice to have company while changing in and out of outfits like a virtual paper doll for a change.

My outfit today is from Umi Usagi, with various additions from katat0nik, Violet Voltaire, Spica, and OMFG. I love the fluff of the blue skirt, and it comes in three lengths depending upon how risque you feel. The Steampunk additions are (drumroll):

Note to Steampunk lovers:

Last night, katat0nik messaged me and said, "Ach -- did you know that if you chat with Perefim Cao of OMFG, he'll give you a 275L gift card to his shop?" I didn't know that, but I politely shot him a hello, and he was lovely enough to give me a gift card. I suspect that if you, too, politely chat with him, you might also receive such a gift. I went and got this lovely steampunk mask and wings! Thanks, Perefim.

Damn you, O

(With outlets at LicoLico)
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Starlene earrings and necklace
***Fan: Little Fish *LF fans 3# from the outfit set
***Bracelet, necklace: +SPICA+ Wood cross accessory set
***Outfit: Umi Usagi Rabbit Panier Blue 1408

(And other stuff)
***Wings: OMFG ION Tech Bionica Mini Wing
***Mask: OMFG Marauder's Mask
***Shoes: katat0nik Strawberry Dream legwarmer boots in cornflower
***Socks: katat0nik striped stockings in blue/black
***Hair: booN HNB27
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in Blueberry


Alyx Sands said...

...I'm another A that lucky chairs hate...I've tried again and again at SIlent Sparrow, and at Zaara too because there's a lovely outfit in her chair as luck. Were I called Falyx, I would have a whole closet full of stuff now.

And put me on the list for the silvery Sylvan too. We could found a club? "The A People", just like the A Team?

Miranda Milestone said...

I FINALLY got the green jacket!! YAY!
And standing around at a Lucky chair for hours also has its advantages: I made tons of different colours of my new hairstyle :D That's how you combine work and fun!

*shows blog to friends and points* Look, there's me!

Violet Voltaire said...

Woohoo! Yeeaah someone beat me to the pink one the other day. That was my fault for not paying attention to my IMs. Whaaaa! I haz green though!

Oh and yay Umi Usagi! I went nuts one time buying all the awesome little bunny stuff! XD

Nivaya Barbosa said...

Of course, /I/ was awesome enough to luck into all three outfits on the first day. I'm particularly proud of the moment when someone said they just needed the silvery sylvan, and I said 'I just need the Rosey Caged Bird Lolita' and literally as soon as I hit enter, the chair obligingly changed to N, with that dress. :D

/me dodges flying fruit/knives/fruitknives

Ashia Tomsen said...

OMG!! You actually caught an elusive "o" on camera!! Olivia will be all emo hehehehe, I must send her the link to your post XD!