Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I like Lico Lico, post #2

This is my second installation in stuff found at LicoLico mall. I have to admit, it's difficult narrowing what to wear because everything is both affordable and adorable in this place. Canal Grande, for example, sells a kawaii-punk aesthetic that makes my avatar look like a spoiled, rebellious schoolgirl (never bad). This outfit was one of the more expensive at 180L, and although it isn't mod, it comes with three sizes for the important prims.

Michami used to inspire me completely with her use of color. Sometimes she'd be a wash of gold with one bright, eye-catching splash of something else. Sometimes she'd wear two contrasting colors that worked because she'd balance each color with another reference to it somewhere else in the outfit. I have no such talent with color (omg, black matches black, right?), so I'm always happy when designers help me out. I'm drawn to red and black, however, and nobody does red check like Canal Grande.

Question: What are you guys reading today? I'm in the middle of a bunch of school books and need some suggestions for total fluff!

***Hair: Kin-(freebie) goggles hair girl - red -- [HAIR FAIR PINK SIM # 17]
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - porcelain - Lita
***Boots: !!!Miyu boots in outdoor - old
***Outfit: *CanalGrande* Justine -- many parts, including S, M and L sizes for the prims
***Socks: sig*sig Socks Set 01 HS01C Heart

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Nivaya Barbosa said...

For the couple weeks, I have been working my way through Bill Bryson's books, just finished 'Neither Here nor There', his travels in Europe.

Also, thank you for reminding me that LicoLico exists, I havn't been there for years <3