Saturday, September 27, 2008

I blog my friends

Momo dress, VV jewelry, LP boots ftw

Hi. I unabashedly and unashamedly blog my friends (note: I also blog stuff from people that I don't know yet ♥). That's because designers in Second Life are nice as well as creative, and I am proud to call you guys my friends. That being said, I'm wearing stuff from very nice people! My boots are from Lazy Places. Sakuradawn Lei is another mommy, and how she was able to create an entirely new build while simultaneously wrangling children is inconthievable to me.

My hair is not for sale, by Allegory Malaprop -- I'm wearing it as a shout-out to her because she was the victim of an act of blatant content theft. I saw her item and the thief's item, and it was just...too obvious to be debated. (I mean seriously, who the @#$@ would accidentally come up with a wall-mounted llama head?) BLOGGER GRRROWL! Don't make creative people quit Second Life, you thieves you! ...Taking a deep breath...

I don't know ~momo~ but I stalk her flickr account, and she's more adorable than Hello Kitty ice cream. When I saw this dress in her photos, I hopped right to her store at licolico mall. It comes in three different skirt and top combinations, with her usual completely awesome undies for those skirt-free days.

Last, but not least, is Violet Voltaire, the Shakespearean Puck of SL jewelers. Look how intelligent those necklaces are! They've got semiotic nods to Lewis Carroll, not just in the color (Alice blue) but in the design as well. What is the synechdochic device that best symbolizes the characters from Alice in Wonderland? Violet's managed to figure that out, adding her own unique macabre touch as well. (See more of the designs here.)

Everyone ready for the party tonight?!

Momo dress, VV jewelry, LP boots ftw

Momo dress, VV jewelry, LP boots ftw


***Horns: *~*Illusions*~* demon horns: up/straight/natural
***Lip pierce: *No Mercy* <3 Heartsie <3
***Crown: Violet Voltaire Wonderland Crown
***Necklaces: Violet Voltaire Wonderland sets -- Mad Hatter, Queen Alice, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit.
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth Boots in Blush
***Hair: I am evil and wearing a not-for-sale hair from Schadenfreude, because I loves it.
***Skin: Minajunk skin exotic pink
***Hold: *katat0nik* (clown) Katty Doll
***Socks: *katat0nik* (cornflower/white) striped stockigns
***Frock: ~momo~ vampi dress with the blue skirt and shirt options.


Violet Voltaire said...

I'm gonna have to steal you one day to take ad photos for my stuff. You manage to make it look way better than I'm ever able to. <3

Achariya Rezak said...

awwwww <333 bah, your stuff always looks awesome, but you can snitch me anytime, Vi.

Sakuradawn Lei said...

You always look so cute >_< !!!!!!

I'm so happy that we are friends and that you like my stuff <3

Because of you a lot of designers who would otherwise get passed over because they aren't on the fashionista end of fashion get noticed.

<3 Thank you Ach

Achariya Rezak said...


i know i'm not to everyone's taste, but i think i stay true to what i like?