Monday, September 29, 2008

Group gift pumpkin dress from katat0nik


O hi again. Look, katat0nik gave us all a group gift, a Halloween pumpkin dress. *___*

As you can tell, I'm in pumpkin heaven. It goes well with the orange Katty plushie from katat0nik!


Melanie said...

I didn't think katat0nik HAD a group; did I overlook something in her store? o_O Super cute.

Whatsername again....? said...

oh lordy....halloween is thebest time of year! <3333333333333 orange and black! You are so cute you're almost edible!

--Wednesday Soon

Heather said...

Halloween is the best time of the year in sl!! It seems to inspire all the designers to make the cutest things!!

Violet Voltaire said...

hehehe so cuuute Ach! You were the first person I thought of when I popped it on >.<