Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute as a Poe Tatum

cute as a po tatum

This morning I was happy to chat with Poe Tatum, the cutie-pie who designs for [SRU]. She makes lovely quirky jewelry, post-apocalyptic accessories (like breath masks, always useful in the nuclear wasteland), shoes, poses, and soon, a frothy lolita frock!

I'm using poses, jewelry and shoes from [SRU] today, and a snuggly comfy sweater dress from The Closet. The hair is a messy cute pink do from Kurotsubaki, a new release. My outfit suits my mood -- i feel vastly lazy this weekend -- the child is visiting her grandpa, and I've been doing nothing but sitting on my arse slacking off on the computer in various ways. This outfit is in honor of my previous life as a webhacker and professional do-nothing 20-something. I'd stay out until dawn playing with friends, return to my boyfriend's abode and sleep until 3, then wake up and scrounge for food like some kind of stray neko...

This is in stark contrast to my teacher-mom existence nowadays, where I wake up at 7:30 every morning to wrangle my small primate, then make lists of things to do in my spare time like "write lit review for dissertation" and "prepare slides for class." The difference is profound and stark, and I have to say that I feel 100% more useful as a human being. However, weekends where I touch upon my old laziness are nice -- they remind me of the person I used to be, who could fill whole days with nothin'.

Here's to apré diem for brunch at 4 pm on Sundays, the smell of other people's cigarettes on my clothes, the internet boom of the 90s, and the world before 2001.

cute as a po tatum

cute as a po tatum

cute as a po tatum

***Lip rings: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Legwarmers: from the Rebel -X- Liquid Flower set, from Black Swan
***Leggings: Canimal WildOne Leggings in zebra yellow/pink
***Skin: DEN-DOU GOTHLY SKIN -Pale- Dark
***Hair: *KUROTSUBAKI* hair_heart_Q_pink
***Shoes: [SRU] Bio Hazard Sneakies
***Necklace: [SRU] Choked Heart Choker [PINK]
***Poses: [SRU] Pose Pack 1
***Dress thingie: **THECLOSET** NordicDress_PPL


Heather said...

That sweater is super cozy looking! I think I need one today.

Phire Zuhra said...

You look all cute and cozy, but with just enough edge to know that if someone were to step out of line you would have no problem messin' them up!

Nivaya Barbosa said...

I want to snuggle you all up in that sweater <3 Also, that skin looks yum on you :D