Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coming to take you away

Plague Doctor 04

Let's just say that weird things happen when I stand around waiting for the ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair for too long. For example, I begin to put on random items from many different outfits... The ad for Dans Macabre is to one side of the lucky chair -- it's one of the first things that I purchased from the store, and the brocade fabric of the suit continues to make me want to lick fabric (hee hee)! I've mixed it with pieces of Rebel -X-'s liquid flower Black Swan outfit (see the full cuteness of this outfit over here), and the result is something rather Venetian.

I've got the dark beauty of Autumn on my mind today. The Venezia sim reminds me a lot of Maxfield Parrish, which in turn reminds me of the things that make Autumn glorious. Inside spaces...breath that mists...rust, ochre, amber, rouge and vermilion leaves...and the sky as it darkens earlier and earlier into a wash of blood. I'm a sucker for Autumn, especially because (unpoetically) it spells the end of allergy season - !

Damn, I forgot to don the pokey stick that comes with the Dans Macabre! Ah well. Everyone have interestingly surreal weekends as the weather changes, okay? Remember that if you feel strange, it's just a shift from Summer to Autumn. Take a deep breath, make some hot cocoa, and pray that I hit a Silvery Sylvan "A".

Plague Doctor 01

Plague Doctor 03

***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in black
***Cuffs: from ~silentsparrow~ beloved suite in blood
***Prim tails, skirt layer tails, jacket, mask: ~silentsparrow~ and Draconic Kiss Dans Macabre Suit in Claret
***Backpack, hood, neck, socks: Rebel -X- Liquid Flower in black/peach from the Black Swan set

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