Sunday, September 7, 2008

Button Boots and bandanna day

[Edit: Did you know that you could spell bandanna with either one or two Ns? I thought I was going nuts for a second, but it looks like Merriam Webster doesn't mind either way.]

Happy bandanna day, everyone! I'm going to talk about this outfit for a moment, and then I'm going to share my own bandanna day story.

Today is my second post about Shiny Things Button Boots. I've been yearning to return to Steampunk ever since attending Dragon*Con, and decided that brown Victorian boots provided a perfect opportunity for it. What is Steampunk aesthetic? I learned that the official color is sepia (perhaps because it looks businesslike, slightly dirty, and matches copper?), so I dug through my inventory until I found an appropriately Victorian dolly skirt (~silentsparrow's~ Toxine in cocoa) and distressed top (Schadenfreude sepia revenant). I've written about both before, but figured that because this post is about the BOOTS, people would forgive me for sparing my new items budget this week :D.

The head gear isn't very Steampunk, but went so well with the bandanna that I had to put it on. Perhaps this clockwork dolly is an escapee from the Steampunk future, back in time to help Ada Byron along with her difference engine...

Speaking of bandannas, I'm wearing this bandanna today in honor of my husband's mother, who died just after Thanksgiving in 2006 of complications arising from lung cancer. I've never known a braver woman. When chemotherapy took away her hair, she bought a leather Harley Davidson vest and wore it with her Harley bandanna, proudly looking like a punk 60-something biker queen. Here's to the indomitable spirit of P! I know my daughter inherited that spirit, so it lives on.

***Boots: (Shiny Things) Button Boots in brown
***Socks: (Shiny Things) tan slouch prim socks
***Poses: Luth shoes poses
***Bandanna: Locks of Love Bandana from iGems & Ivalde
***Collar: T.KING Steampunk Clock Collar
***Headthingies: Le petit prince octopus plugs head set
***Eyethingie: Kemonomichi & Nala [K*M]Snail eyepatch
***Stockings: Sh*t Happens Cream Fishnets
***Top and corset: from the Schadenfreude Sepia Revenant Dress set
***Skin: Hal*Hina F/Gothic *Leaf*
***Skirt, gloves and hotpants: ~silentsparrow~ cocoa toxine frock
***Bracelet: {Kari} Audio wire bracelet
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