Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Burn, baby, burn

I fail. I got into this outfit, photographed...and then for the life of me couldn't remember where I picked up this neat skull staff.

Edit: Thanks, Stephi! It's a freebie from Carnival of Doom!

The staff is animated with a BURN! command. I quite liked the burn command. I stood around Kurotsubaki this morning with the boot-buying contingent randomly playing with it. "BURN!" I cried, and flame spouted out from the skull on my staff. Of course they all thought I was a griefer, but sometimes you've gotta live a little. Does anyone remember FUEGO! ? This animation was one of the first freebies I picked up as a n00b, and I still enjoy putting it on, especially at Caledon dances. Nothing like watching a huge primskirt erupt into flame!

This pretty, pretty frock comes from The Closet, and reminded me so much of carny wear that I had to put on my Ringmaster hair from katat0nik. I love the hand-drawn featherwork and the ruffles around the neck. It looks especially creepy with the goth skin from Den-Dou, and sadly, I might have a new skinmaker obsession to join my list of talented favorites. I sat for 90 minutes sorting inventory to get the silver version of this skin last night (not shown, maybe tomorrow), and got suckered into purchasing this one. The smoky lips and eyes are perfectly shaded, as well as the very faint tinge of color on the cheeks. I like it when goth skins look just a tiny bit healthy!

In other news, I am completely addicted to Facebook Tiny D&D.


***Gloves: Fleur Gloves Short Black
***Cane: Carnival of Doom Skull cane (animated)
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots - hard black
***Tattoo: *TCinSHELTER* ChainhartTattoo
***Hair: katat0nik (naturals) Ringmaster Hair
***Dress: **The Closet** Scale Print Dress in Navy
***Skin: *DEN-DOU* GLOTHLY SKIN - Pale - Dark
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