Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes, I'm wearing this too!

O hai. Don't mind me, I'm practicing my photography. I'm trying my damnedest to work on depth of field today. Once again I'm photographing around my home, and I don't mean to look like EmoNekoAch, but I totally do. Darned mood lighting.

I've got on new hair by Philotic Energy that absolutely screamed "neko" -- perhaps the cute little dangly shoulder bit was what did it -- so I stuck on my fabulous Halloween ears from Hybrid. I'm also in a glowing top by DE Designs that I wanted as soon as I saw the other people writing about it on the feed! Hee. (Tough! I'm wearing it too!)

On a sad note, it looks like Beanie is no longer writing about freebies because some people were rude to Japanese designers (she wrote about it here). I love Beanie's blog and philosophy, and I am deeply upset that people took advantage of her kindness as well as the designers. Let's all respect each other, or I'm'a get out my riding crop. Okay? Okay.

On a plus note, SL is still an awesome haven, especially now that my little southern town is filling with students. I can smell the terror of the freshmen, and it fills my teacherly soul with BLOODLUST. Gimmee some fresh MEAT! Just kidding. :D Have wonderful Second Days!

***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Nova in Charcoal
***Outfit: Doc Eldritch Designs DE Chardonnay in tan color -- shirt, undershirt, skirt, leggings, neck prim thingie.
***AO: Reel Expressions Handbag AO by Luth.
***Ears: Hybrid 2007 halloween freebie neko ears
***Tights: G.L.A.M. Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (free) in light tone
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in orange
***Tail: Curious Kitties Broken Tail - Black Forest
***Boots: SiniStyle Stealth Boots
***Tie: Elegance Hats Necktie for Ahnya Animal Print Hat
***Bag: **Rapis**neneko-basket(wear)


Kghia said...

I love the juxtaposition between the model and the painting in the last photo. Very evocative. :)

Achariya Rezak said...

Aw -- thanks for the comment kghia ! *BLUSH*