Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ware below!

Apologies for another post, but I got excited because I went to hair fair and remembered THIS. I'm reminded of the head adornments of Natalie Portman that transformed her into Empress Amidala. Hair like this is a crown, a corona, a diadem. It's made for worship!

I couldn't put it on until I got this clean-lined outfit from Trubble named Noir. Hair of this nature can't really fight with anything for attention because it totally wins -- see those rods? They aren't just for show! I'm also wearing pretty jewelry from Studio Sidhe -- glowing glass beads that echo the glow from, well, my head. :D

***Skin: Minajunk skin Cyber03
***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe Bliss bead bracelet in sunset, glory hoop earrings in sunset, and joy bead necklace in sunset
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Kadath in white and blackened
***Dress: Trubble Noir

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