Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Said Alice to herself

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Have you seen Jan Svankmajer's Alice? The cinematography and feel (forgotten, decayed Victoriana) reminds me of the video style that became the vogue for artists like Nine Inch Nails. It also reminds me of Kurotsubaki's sim (I had to go back once I realized that my photo settings were unflattering), and the sweet lost innocence of this dress. It's katat0nik's new Alice dress, and the ironic twist lies in the old book illustrations edging the fabric border; dark and almost grotesque imagery in such a lovely frock. (I am not surprised by this macabre secret in the fabric, however. I also hear rumor that there will be a limited edition version of the dress that is decayed and bloody...)

Thank you, Mourna Biziou, for posting about those great SiniStyle boots; as you can see I picked up a copy too.

[Small aside, just in case you were wondering: I've only been in SL for a year. I never figure that I've discovered something new! In fact, I should use the phrase that the inimitable Michami used, "New -- to me," just in case you might imagine that I think I've discovered a brand new store, or striped socks, or wearing pants -- honestly, I never think so. :D ]

***Dress: *katat0nik* Alice Dress Set (fifteen pieces, including two jacket options and two skirt options and the marvelous striped ruffle panties).
***Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Fragile Flowers Earrings
***Hat: The Closet **TCinSHELTER** Feather Headpiece
***Dolly Key: Lazy Places love ach dolly key with funeral march music
***Stockings (in place of the socks from the set) *katat0nik* striped stockings in light blue/teal
***Tattoo: The Closet **TCinSHELTER** Chain Hart Tattoo
***Hair: **DP**yumyum 01 Sesame black
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar - Orange
***Boots: SiniStyle Stealth Boots


Thema Felix said...

you have one of the cutest faces in SL!

Grady Echegaray said...

This outfit belongs in Fresh Fruits. Outstanding! (<3 your blog)

Auntykuro said...

Why thanks, you two. -- Grady, what's the URL for Fresh Fruits? I'll join.

Grady Echegaray said...

hee, sorry achariya, I meant the book.



Auntykuro said...

Ahhh *grin* yeah, i love Fruits. <3

Grady Echegaray said...

oops, bad blogger. looks like it cut of the urls :(