Monday, August 18, 2008

Neko on a cool Caledon roof

Good thing I shaved my pits, eh?

It's rare that I write about an outfit that is (nearly) all made by one designer, from skin to neko parts to tattoos to frock to boots, and that's what I'm doing tonight with this very excellent cat outfit (complete with iron muzzle) from Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood. We know her well at SL Free*Style because of her lovely generosity (she's often got free gothic dresses for the group) and now she's got an entire wall devote to cat-kind.

Ghanima's sculpties are getting better and better. The mask especially is vastly creative. I'm sure there are others like it IRL or in SL (and I'm sure you guys will tell me about them), but this one is new to me and I adore it. It goes so well with the flirty tutu and lashing kitty tail!

I'm photographing on the rooftop of someone's castle in Caledon Moors, continuing my SL wanderlust. Kitties like rooftops, right? This one especially likes the view of the sunset. -- By the way, the frequency of my posts are about to go downhill with the start of the semester, which is why I'm trying to get a few done in advance !

***Outfit: Blue Blood Fatal Doll Goth Outfit, comes with armwarmers and boots and a tattoo and a skin - !
***Neko ears & tail: Blue Blood Kittyline furiousred kitty ears and tail
***Mask: Blue Blood Kittyline mask #1 with whiskers
***Hair: BettiePage Voyager BP* Straight hair 2 short bangs


Ghanima Uriza said...

tysm for posting my outfit hun ^^ it look so lovely on you :)

Auntykuro said...

It was fun to wear and write about Ghanima ! I enjoyed it.