Sunday, August 17, 2008

Minajunk skin fair skins

Sakuradawn Lei made an amazing post about the Minajunk Harajukubox skin fair skins over here! Everyone go see how cute she is nekkid! And then run, not walk, to get the limited edition Neko skin (shown above) because it is going away as of today, Sunday the 17th 12pm SLT! That gives you about three hours from this post !!

That being said, I absolutely had to play with them too. I've got on the neko skin today and found that it looks amazing with one of my CSR stamp card finds, Electro Kitty's Black Neko Ninja set. I am undecided about letting my virtual boobs hang out below the level of my shirt, however, I understand that it is part of the neko look and am dealing with it. I love the boots and gloves on this set! They glow a little, for that radioactive Shadowrun effect. Today I photographed at the lovely MiaSofia build in Hwang.

Clockwise from top left: neko LE skin, candy, rainbow, red, pinklip.

***Skin: Minajunk Harajukubox skin fair skin -- neko, candy, pinklip, rainbow and red.
***Eyes: Watchtower orange demon eyes
***Tail: Curious Kitties Black Forest Broken Tail
***Jeans: The Closet **TC in Shelter** tone denim
***Ears: Kalico Kreations Sculptie Ears in Black-death Tan
***Hair: Kin-Nena-white.grey
***Shirt, kitty boots and gloves, katana: CSR gift, Electro Kitty Black Neko Ninja Set

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Ghanima Uriza said...

oh my! those skins are so dreamy! love them all