Monday, August 25, 2008

I've been workin' on the prospectus/all the live-long day

Once upon a time, lost in distant memory, I was not a student at Princeton. I was down the road at Rutgers, actually, suffering with all of the other in-state students whose parents were strapped for cash. I went to Rutgers more-or-less proudly. On weekends, however, my friends and I would drive to Princeton to take in the glory of the amber-colored stones and the beauty of an endowment-funded garden. When I was looking around this morning for a good way to post about my upcoming work week, I did a search for "university" because that's where I work. Of course, my first hit was Princeton. (Hey Rutgers! Where's your Second Life build?) So here I am, ready for a week of teaching in my own particular style.

What does this style consist of, you might ask? Free things for the strapped-for-cash graduate student, of course! The hair is a gift from the Swan Hotel feather event -- it's from ::69::, and it's a whimsical rendition of their dolly hair with a bunch of butterflies. The fur legwarmers are a group gift camp chair item from amerie's Naughty (only 20 minutes!). The skin is also a group gift from katat0nik in her Skins of Delphi incarnation -- I love the playful makeup! It suits the hair so well. I had to purchase the messy bag -- it so symbolizes exactly what my life looks like during the semester (with the exception of a laptop. Gotta have the laptop).

Have great Mondays, everyone. Don't let the First Life get you down!

***Hair: ::69:: butterflydoll in platinum -- Swan Hotel feather event gift
***Messy bag: ::plod:: Travel Bag in open variety
***Legwarmers: amerie's Naughty group gift camp chair item, Fur Legwarmer in brown
***Shirt: LaynieWear White Buttondown Shirt
***Scarf: Vette's Boutique Shemagh Scarf in red
***Boots (using the foot part) Slink Eva Suede Boot - Fawn
***Pants: Royal Blue Taupe Harem High Waists
***Faun bits: Queen Titania's Court Female Faun in Fire
***Skin: Skins of Delphi Starlight Makeup group gift from katat0nik, in Starlight/PinkRed
***Poses: Luth Handbag AO

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