Saturday, August 30, 2008

Isn't it good/Elijah Wood

The author after Dragon*Con, days 2 and 3

In the words of the Beatles (slightly mangled): I once had a con -- or should I say, the con had me. I'll tell you a little story, then I'll go to bed.

Today, town was full of people in orange shirts as well as the crazy conglomeration of con-goers in their various fandom garb. The orange shirted people were Clemson fans, because Atlanta is hosting the Clemson vs. Alabama game today. Paused at a traffic light, the group of middle-aged alumni stared at me warily. I was wearing a fairly normal outfit, but my pal kiri was covered in red fur because she was cosplaying the nine-tailed fox from Naruto.

Before they could ask me what I was supposed to be, I grinned at them and asked, "Are y'all dressed up as one of those races from Star Trek?"

The nice middle-aged people stared at me for a moment and then we all broke down with laughter. "Uh, we're dressed as 'football fans,'" a nice old man replied.

Everyone's got an inner dork. That was my lesson for the day.

Random con photos here, and parade photos here.

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