Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hair Fair post!

booN DOT7 42 hair blond

I blew my budget on hair! Therefore, I'm wearing an outfit collected from free items today. The shoes and skin are group gifts, the dress is (was?) from the Carnival of Doom lucky chair (poor Rezzables was so slammed that the sim didn't rez for me to check and make sure that the lucky chair was still there), and the necklace is an old standard freebie from Pixel Dolls.

Isn't the skin glowing and fresh? It's a creation of Mijn Boa, the woman whose gallery I invaded a while back. She's got a small artist collective group (I just borrow your eyes), and the skin is a free gift to the group. (Please do not abuse the group to get the free skin however, thanks!) She's thinking about making skins and has a few in the works, possibly for sale one day.

The hair. Ellantha teased me for having a small BettiePage obsession, and yes, yes I have one. The lag was so vast that I ran in, got new items from a few select people (such as BettiePage), and then fled. I'll go back once the furor has died down a bit! I also snuck in a photo of the new hair from ::69:: because it's just so cute.

::69:: Dolly Girl 02 hair (left), BettiePage kuse bob hair/pompa/red (right)

Curious Kitties Tyn hair in rainbow (left), Kin-Avery-red (right)

Two views of katat0nik (naturals) Gogo hair

***Shoes: ::69:: Beach sandals in check with color changing script (group gift)
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ from the toxine dress in scarlet
***Outfit: Carnival of Doom Zemfira in Candy (CoD lucky chair outfit)
***Skin: Ma Peau ALMOST Neutral v. 2.0 by Mijn Boa (group gift for joining the artist group 'I just borrow your eyes')
***Necklace: Pixel Dolls (PD) Stone Pendant Necklace: Rose (free from onrez)
***katat0nik (naturals) Gogo Hair with color changing script [RED SIM SLURL since I dunno the booth number)]
***booN DOT7 42 hair blond big [PURPLE SIM #19]
***Curious Kitties Tyn Hair in rainbow [RED SIM #1]
***::69:: Dolly Girl 02 in auburn
***BettiePage BP* kuse bob hair/pompa/red [PINK SIM # 24]
***Kin-Avery-[Red] [PINK SIM # 17]


Alyx Sands said...

I managed to get to all four sims today, but it was terrible. I had an ARC of 1. Blue skin, tattoos, just pants and a top. There as somebody with an ARC of 7,000. I have NEVER seen something like that before and wouldn't know how to achieve it myself. Lots of peeps with 2,000 and above. Do people have no brains anymore? I think it was way worse than last year's two sims. I did get some hair though-the flaming thingie from Boon is just great-but the demo alone put me from 1 to 1,740-whoah! Something for lag-free sims then I guess. But it really looks like my head is burning (dang, makes me hum Nick Cave now...)

Heather said...

My husband sent me over some extra Lindens for Hair Fair so yay! I was really wondering how to make my allowance fit with all the hairs I wanted. I really don't think I will need hair again for another year. We'll see how long that lasts.
I saw lots of people who didn't change at all too. I mean really I guess if you must wearing your hair is ok but really you need all your jewelry, your prim garters and glasses??