Friday, August 8, 2008

Free free, set them free

My whole outfit cost 0L!

I've been hanging out with a new SLer lately, an old pal of mine. Therefore, I've spent the past few days in awesome places for free and cheap stuff -- for example, Savoir Hair's headquarters, SL Free*Style's store, and FabFree...

I've also spent my fair share of time dragging my pal around to all of the awesome Japanese sims, because we all know they've got the best value for the linden. For example, Beanie posted today about wonderful free shoes, and I got the Engineer boots (below). On the same sim is an edge grafica location, and lo, all the free goff frocks that one could desire, including this one that comes with a delectable hat.

I'll be back in pricey attire shortly, but today I think I'll slum elegantly in this look.

Free boots!

***Skin: FabFree Red Goth Skin
***Boots: atuzoko free boots, engineer
***Dress: edge grafica / 14 mourning dress with hat, free
***Hair: Ravenwear retroesque firey red from Savoir Hair

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