Sunday, August 3, 2008

For the longest time I had no idea what Ruthed meant

O noes! I've been Ruthed! Honestly, Ruth isn't a bad looking girl. I quite admire those broad shoulders, perfect for tattoos and corsets!

I took up the Ruth Challenge that everyone's been doing. I call it "Group Gift Gothic Ruth." I'm wearing Tuli's group gift gothic skin, Kalico Kitty's freebie neko ears, ~silentsparrow's~ Jabberwocky sim opening corset freebie, Perturb/Ation store opening necklace, a skirt from a Thimbles' group gift dress, Schadenfreude Lloyd sim opening bangle gift, group gift tattoos from EtchD, and...

Shhh, Miss Ruth has a tiny foot size issue. We don't wanna make her feel bad, right? But the only free shoes I could find that fit her were Schadenfreude's Lloyd freebie, the Elephant Stompers...The hair is not free. It's Kin's Neko, and I found that splurging a little on hair really made Ruth feel like me.

Okay, now you guys do it!

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Nivaya Barbosa said...

I tried it. I tried it THE HARD WAY!