Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fishers of suits

Rosemary, formerly of Oh! What a, and formerly of ROSEMAR, is now of M&R Cupcake -- but she's still kicking skin butt. This line is the Plush line, and it feels plush. The makeup is soft and melting and dramatic around the eyes, and yet makes me feel elegant and understated rather than garish. Join the group, everyone -- it's called I <3 M&R Cupcakes! There's a fee, but the skin specials are so very worthwhile.

The skins below are only a few of the many makeups and skin tones. Why yes, that is a very small tree that I'm holding. Pardon a short post, but I'm busy fishing!

Apricot Freckled skin (left) and Apricot Pewter Skin (right)

Vista Electric (left) and Apricot Cateye (right)

Vista Glammed Freckled (left) and Plush Vista Soft (right)

***Skins: the M&R Cupcake skins that I'm wearing today are:
*M&R Plush - Apricot - soft freckled
*M&R Plush - Apricot - Pewter
*M&R Plush - Apricot - Super Cateye
*M&R Plush - Vista Electric
*M&R Plush - Vista - Glammed Freckled
*M&R Plush - Vista - Soft
***Hair: -Hiccup Alala in black
***Small tree: October Rust Duskian Chestnut Sappling - Ice Cream
***Outfit: Black Knight BK- Red Hill Uniform from the Creator Stamp Rally. Includes everything you see here but the hair and skin!

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