Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dressing in Draconic, post 3

I love this dress. It's the Tell-Tale Heart Dress from Draconic (third post of five about the dark designer!), and it has a fabulous cage crinoline dangling from a fluffy prim ruffle. Atop this is new hair from Pudge (the Organic flower beast), and I'm wearing it in barbie blond because I have a sekrit fetish for how blonds look in black. I used to perv so hard on Michami when she'd put together a black ensemble! *cough* anyway...

I chatted with Allegory the other day about how designers often have the same ideas at the same time. Allegory, for instance, designed a great caged crinoline dress (very different from this one), and I bet other designers have thought about making caged crinolines too. Especially if you are in the same genre (like Allegory and hyasynth and Draconic and katat0nik), I'd imagine that it sometimes gets difficult to politely give each other room to work while yet pursuing your own (sometimes similar) ideas.

Ideas overlap! That's one thought that crosses my mind whenever I ponder designing. There are a finite number of new ideas in the Second World, especially because there are a finite number in the First one. How do designers cope with this? I was impressed by Plush's post from earlier today in which she says, even though this other designer and I have basically the same shirt, I'm going to encourage competition and not snark at her!

I'm glad that as a clothes-horse and unprofessional blogging dilettante I don't have to choose.

***Jewelry: +SPICA+ Wood cross bracelet, necklace
***Dress: Draconic Kiss The Tell-Tale Heart Dress
***Eyes: -=Watchtower=- Orange Eyes (human)
***Faun parts: Queen Titania's Court Female Faun in fire
***Skin: *mia* DAHLIA Skin 8
***Hair: PUDGE: Organic Flower Beast (Barbie Blonde)


Sakuradawn Lei said...

I need a cage dress!!!!

Achariya Rezak said...

Mm, I love the look -- partly cause I love bloomers :D :D

Mourna Biziou said...

That's one of my all-time favorite dresses.