Monday, August 11, 2008

Dressing in Draconic, post 2

Draconic Kiss's Cutie Bags in Wuffles, BunBun, ChuChu and Meowzer

It's lovely when I pick a theme for five posts (like Draconic Kiss clothing) and the woman releases something new. In this case, she attacked my cute kink with these calico animal bags. Damn. They come with a color-changing script, in four animal types, and now they are MINE.

They suit Draconic's suits better than her prim skirts (because I am short, the skirt eats the bag), so I am wearing her Engineer costume. Ah, I love how this makes me look. The pants have pinstriping, and there are two layers of shirt beneath the jacket, a vest layer and a white button-down undershirt with jabot. Elegant like Sherlock Holmes!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go put on underpants and look for clams!

***Bags: Draconic Kiss Cutie Bags in Wuffles, BunBun, ChuChu and Meowzer (with color-changing script!)
***Suit: Draconic Kiss Engineer
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Laudanum in black
***Faun bits: Queen Titania's Court Female Faun in Snow
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sarah II in Ivory
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Whispers of the Night Ebon Twilight Stalker
***Necklace: +SPICA+ Wood cross necklace

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