Saturday, August 2, 2008

A damsel with a dulcimer

I like exploring. I especially like peeking through people's Second Life Flickr accounts so that I can see their wildly different vision of what Second Life can be. Kiya posted some photos from the Kingdom of Sand roleplaying sim, and her photos were so lovely that I had to go explore. I always feel slightly worried when I head into R-rated RP places (like Gor), so I figured I'd best look anachronistic to frighten off any potential slavers. Cute is the best defense, right?!

I'm also wearing a number of t-shirts that I splurged upon yesterday at ~momo~. I saw these shirts advertised on the feed (over here) and hopped right over (and then dragged several friends). Do go for the 1L ice cream tattoo!

UPDATE just so that I can move my post to the top of the feed! (Just teasing, guys :D ). Today in that IRL place, I went to an awesome Korean grocery called Super H Mart. It had amazingly fresh squid, and I took lots of photos of the treasures. Damn, I love exploring, IRL too. You can find my flickr stream here.

***T-shirts: ~momo~ Bananas Pink, YummyTee Brown, calaveras tee in black and blue
***Necklace: Lazy Places [LP] Fishbones Collar - black
***Socks: *katat0nik* lt blue/teal striped stockings
***Hair: kin-Kaoru-white
***Avatar bits: Lost Creatures Rayndeer - female - white
***Skirt and garters: ~silentsparrow~ (ash) coppelia from the set
***Arm warmers: Sundown Apparel :SDA: Aqua Warmer set
***Corset: ~silentsparrow~ beloved corset in sea from the set


Dawn said...

ahhhh you always look so cute!

btw I just realized I have a Rayndeer too! A chocolate one. I bought it back at Christmas I think.

Auntykuro said...

yay ! we need to be deer together sometime !!