Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Conservative and teacherly

While my avatar went a-wandering the fair streets of Axis Mundi, my SL self taught my first class of the semester this morning. I'm TAing in a one-year intensive curriculum that turns English majors into high school English teachers, and I think my school's program does a mighty fine job.

One of the amusing parts of the first day was "how to dress for the classroom." It was demonstrated by a chesty, leggy woman who dressed in very conservative slacks and a high-buttoned shirt. She told the class her dressing technique, which involved contorting in front of the mirror to make sure that no undergarments, skin or tattoos emerge when doing teacherly things like writing on the blackboard or squatting by a desk.

I thought the entire conversation was amusing considering my not-very-hidden Second Life avatar's fixation with clothing. IRL me wore a conservative knee-length black dress from Target today, so SL me had to do the complete opposite, just to express myself. Here I am in brand new boots from First Flower, the Valerian -- which now come in violet, blue, and red. I really need these boots for teaching -- although they might steal the show!

***Boots: First Flower Valerian in Midnight Blue, Scarlet Red, Violet
***Sunglasses: /artilleri/ Onyxia glasses *red*
***Necklace: Gritty Kitty Mr. Skully Necklace in purple
***Pack: Rebel - X Strawberry Backpack
***Stockings: Canimal Vertical Stripes in indigo
***Gloves: Pushbutton Industries dirty bandage gloves (bloody)
***Leg tattoo: *WEBER* bold bird leg tattoo
***Belly tattoo: WEBER Blue Ankh Belly Tattoo
***Skin: minajunk harajyuki skin red
***Hair: Schadenfreude messy ponytail -- still being messed with by Allegory so not for sale yet
***Bows: Rezzables Blood Bigtop Bows (Carnival of Doom)
***Cuffs: Rezzables Blood Bigtop Cuffs (Carnival of Doom)
***Tutu and bra: Rezzables Blood Bigtop Tutu and lingerie (Carnival of Doom)


Dawn said...

>_< I bought the black ones I think the day before the colors came out. I covet the red ones ^^;

Dawn said...

>_< I just went back to see what hair you were wearing and darn it I can't get it yet!!!! Poke that woman and get her to release it!!!!!

Alyx Sands said...

Heh-when I teach at university (English linguistics; I teach British and American studies majors), I am just wearing my usual clothing. Mostly black, not very revealing, and I sometimes shock my students with an odd t-shirt (Sisters of Mercy, white on black, is one of my faves). I also sometimes wear long black gothy jackets to class, a bit like a short female Professor Snape. Oh, and one time, I have worn my fave soccer team's jersey in class-which is a rich tomato red.....on the occasion of winning an important match. THAT scared people!