Friday, August 8, 2008

Chicanery...your brain frightens me sometimes 8D

Today, I pestered Sakuradawn until she explained how the Creators Stamp Rally (CSR) event worked. She directed me to this very important website, and I finally got it!

First you buy things with CSR stamp cards inside of them. The more stamp cards you get, the more neat toys you can redeem them for. I collected TEN. For a photograph of how silly I looked getting my stamp cards stamped, observe.

Second, you attach all of your CSR stamp cards (as I did in the photo), and you go to each of the TWENTY stores participating. The slurls are all posted in a neat little grid on the CSR website, so that you don't have to flail. Warning: the first store, Petite Prince, has a broken one; its stamp machine is at the main exhibit hall. Also, don't use the normal BettiePage store slurl, use the one at this website. Touch the stamp machine from all 20 stores, and your cards will fill up with cute stamps!

Third, go to the main gift pavilion and get your COOL STUFF. Gogolita posted about some of the neat stuff, and so did Noam. Then follow the directions at the gift pavilion to redeem the cards for your LIMITED EDITION ITEMS -- one card per item! Yes. I'm gushing. Not apologizing either. There are twenty gifts in all, and I've only shown a few here. Go to the website to see all of 'em!

It took me about 1.5 hours to visit all 20 stores and find the stamp machines and redeem my gifts, but it was 1.5 hours well spent -- because not only are all the gifts awesome, all of the stores are too.

Find out all about the CSR stamp card thingie here! -- These are only a small selection of the things offered. For more, go to the website and check out all the gifts!

***HAT GIFT: !_Ce Cubic effect Tiered casket
***BALLOON HUD GIFT: Chicanery Balloon Rezzor Hud
***DARK OUTFIT GIFT: Curious Kitties CSR 2008 Kawan Full Outfit (with shoes!)
***SKIN GIFT: *minajunk skin cry*
***BIKINI GIFT: part of the kurotsubaki summer set, comes with bangles and that weird watermelon thingie AND animations
***DOLLY GIFT: *yumyumdoll*ittybunny from DPyumyum
***ROCKING HORSE GIFT: HPMD Rocking Horse -- green S with one pose, green L with 7 poses
***SANDAL GIFT: [ON] Flip Flops CSR2008 Summer


Phire Zuhra said...

I think I may need to add the balloons to my card redemption list, they are creepy cute.

Sakuradawn Lei said...

darn now I kinda want them too. Darn you guys!!

Noam said...

Heeey Chica didn't blog it. >: (

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Noamz blarghed it. :)

And I <3 the skin and the horsey and the Gritty Kitty bag. Gah, now I kind of want to get more cards and get more stuffs!

Achariya Rezak said...

phire -- those balloons are creepy good fun o.o

sakura -- 8D i knooow, i'm hoping people don't post about the rest of the stuff.

noam & autumn -- sorry dudes, fixed (for some reason there's no author byline at the bottom of your koreshan point blog posts)

and yeah o.o the skin's so coool.

Candy Flanagan said...

C-S-R! C-S-R! C-S-R!