Friday, July 25, 2008

You say it's your Rez-day!

Happy rez day, hyasynth Tiramisu-pants!

Every day that I log onto Second Life, this artist and designer (who works entirely on Second Life without income from other work) reminds me of the lyrics to Aesop Rock's song No Regret:

Lucy was 87, upon her death bed
At the senior home, where she had previously checked in. ...
She'd never spoken once throughout the spanning of her life
Until the day she leaned forward, grinned and pulled the nurse aside
And she said:

'Look, I've never had a dream in my life
Because a dream is what you wanna do, but still haven't pursued
I knew what I wanted and did it till it was done
So i've been the dream that I wanted to be since day one!'

I feel lucky that I know someone who is living out their dreams instead of dreaming them. I hope I have the balls to do the same someday.

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