Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The turn of the year

I feel vaguely emo today, so I'm in pink. It's midsummer, and I sense the school year approaching like a cold chill on my neck. It'll be football season, the undergrads will be back in town, and I'll be womanfully working on my dissertation -- I hope. It'll be my toughest year in graduate school ever, and I almost feel like I should spend the whole summer running through snow to train for it -- or, uh, dandelion fluff or something.

My pink is enabled by Royal Blue's incredibly fluff-licious ballet tutu, by Paper Couture's top, and by SLink's ballet flats. All of these items of clothing contain various kinds of pink, and that matches enough for me. This outfit is actually inspired by Stein Shilova, whom I saw briefly last night floating around a space station in several Royal Blue outfit bits. "Oh yeah, my Royal Blue stuff," I thought. Thank you, Stein.

***Fluffy skirt: Royal Blue (RB) Lost Ballet in Candy
***Hat: Teresa Elegance Hat
***Earrings: ***Blanc*** Heart earrings
***Necklace: Baby Monkey BM 4. Heart Set
***Stockings: Petite Ange *an* knit_tights_pink_socks
***Jacket, shirt, broach, sleeves: Paper Couture p.c.; Spring Awakening
***Gloves: Paper Couture p.c.; Champ Gloves from the Trophies on the Waist set
***Hair: -Hiccup Paper Tiger in Light Blonde
***Skin: Heaven's Shape Yuuko make1-sobakasu -- free Another Skin mod.
***Shoes: SLink Claudia Ballet Flats in pink with pink bows


Marni Grut said...

Whey! you were that tutu to beyond fabulouseness!

Heather said...