Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tiny my shiny shiny love

***YGD ScootBoy

The Japanese have cute completely pwned. A few months ago, hyasynth took me to the Tiny expo. It was set up in a grand space station where you trailed past an enormous ring of Tiny avatars as they hovered and beeped and cuted at you. I...okay, I walked away with seven. Luckily they're all priced incredibly reasonably at around the 200L range. My favorite is the one at the top of this post, Scoot Boy. He's got a color changing hud and comes in my favorite shade of orange!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The drawback of non-traditional tinies is that they can't fit tiny outfits well without tweaking, but when you get a complete package (like the maid, below), why bother accessorizing? The best of these avatars come with their own AO so that when you walk you hover (like the Lolita maid), or bounce (like the mushroom) or trot (like the doggy). What's more, this is only seven out of the enormous wealth of tinies out there.

You know you wanna.

***OCEAN-NET Skeleton Pirate Box

*** Tiny Shotengai gothroriko

***Manga Land Meka-Usagi Maid Tiny

***Charmed Tiny Mushroom Avatar in Bitter

***Achamo's Tiny Avatar Shop Tiny Cat

***Yuriwakamade mecha_sicco


Alyx Sands said...

A...a 'SHROOM? How utterly CUTE! I still have that shroom in the garden that hya used to pack the limited Serendipity suite think I could be able to give that mushroom a living companion!

Ketsy said...

OMGosh, I did see your pose Achariya! Adorable!
I am so sorry it slipped my mind. YAY for tinies! he he he
~ Ketsy