Friday, July 18, 2008

Roadtrips are better with NPR podcasts

I'm back in my messy, small and comfortable apartment that feels as good as a pair of worn jeans. I've been in grand and beautiful places these past eight days! I've seen storms chase each other across the water of a New York lake, and watched tall pines sway under the gusts of summer wind -- but none of it feels as good as my chair, the pillow I put my laptop on, and the taste of my husband's iced tea.

We listened to podcasts of NPR's Living on Earth as we drove 1000 mile up the coast and 1000 miles back, and I stared at the weather looking for evidence of global climate change. It's there in Georgia's drought, in the deluge in New York.

We also listened to more NPR news of the world's changing oil prices, and then bought fifty dollars worth of gas every few hundred miles. It's wild to listen to the radio when you drive -- there's nothing to protect you from seeing the world changing all around you. Hybrid cars, "green" malls (in Syracuse, no less!), drying riverbeds.

But still, America is a lovely country, and the cities are truly fewer and farther between than you imagine when you fly. The vastness of this land makes it all green in long pockets. Well, green and dotted with cows...

Oh -- fashion. I'm wearing new jewelry today! New releases from Bliensen and Maitai, and from Studio Sidhe. What's the connection between my outfit and the environment? Virtual clothing needs no polluting machinery to produce. In the future when we all sit at home and telecommute on Second Life because of the astronomical price of gas, we'll understand the true power of our roles as fashion designers and writers for this venue...:D

Anyway. I'm home!

***Skin: [Curio] and Gala Phoenix :GP: Pearl-Nightshade group gift
***Pendant: Studio Sidhe Quartz Crystal Pendant with amber
***Necklace and bracelet: Bliensen + MaiTai Industrial Revolution Jewelry
***Corset 1: ~silentsparrow~ (ashes) how we quit the forest
***Corset 2: ~silentsparrow~ (ivory) seraph corset
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ from the (rose) sylvan suit group gift
***Faun bits: Queen Titania's Court Female Faun in Obsidian
***Hair: Kin - Ash - orange


Alyx Sands said...

Sprocket jewellery! Yay! *runs off*

....did you see any C-beams at the Tannhäuser gate? (<--shows age with obscure Blade Runner references)

Amber Jewelry said...

Love industrial jewelry. Its a fabulous commentary on the practical vs. the extravagant!