Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The ride of the pink and fluffy valkyrie

This gown, Ivalde's Dis gown, came with a story. The notecard explained that the Dis are Odin's shieldwomen, also known as the Valkyrie. They ride with Odin and determine the outcome of battles. I like this contradictory sensibility -- the dress is enormously pink and fluffy, and yet it is named after the grim harbingers of woe and defeat.

I like this outfit because it speaks to my own internal struggle to maintain gender equity for my daughter even while she insists upon growing up to be Cheerleader Barbie. It's difficult for me to say, "Okay, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be fluffy or pink, dear, but you also must kick ass while doing so."

Luckily, the kid adores Kim Possible.

I realize that I've been using this Second Life clothing blog to hash out my own issues with reality/motherhood/life. Clothing is seriously the focus, really. It's just that clothing covers up our human souls, and those normally shine through into our outfits. Like here -- why am I in a mohawk and a pink dress? Once again it's that struggle -- how can I mitigate a love of the feminine with the understanding that women must kick ass? In this case, I figured that despite their fluffy frocks, the Valkyrie probably would've really dug punk.

The strawberry backpack of doom is the fault of Sakuradawn Lei and her strawberry post (read it here!).

***Gown: ~Ivalde~ Dis in pink
***Earrings: Schadenfreude Irmina earring dark
***Lip ring: Synthetic Memory lipring in twist copper
***Backpack: !* Rebel -X- Strawberry backpack
***Boots: Schadenfreude Pointy Buckle Boots
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Tattoo Suicide Butterfly Heart
***Hair: Black Maria +BM+ Ruby Black
***Skins: Blue Blood Skins - fantasy black fire
***Necklace: !* Rebel -X-STORE FREEBIE Strawberry Necklace


[Rouge Darcy ] said...

LOL at the strawberry backpack of doom and thank you very very much ^^

Auntykuro said...

Hehe, my pleasure, rouge. lovely stuff in your shop.