Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pretty shoes

This is the third post about my loot from the shoe fair/Dolls in the Attic show! Draconic's dress is just bloody adorable, and I'm only wearing half the pieces because I'm in kani form. It's also got striped armwarmers and an undershirt and cuuute lacings on the capris... The prim skirt, however, is an opulent piece of work that would feminize the most androgenous of avatars...

These shoes are the poetically beautiful monarch emitters by Lazy Places, and I'm in looove. I walk and I'm in a Wordsworthian cloud of orange -- reminds me of running through the fields outside of this lake-side cabin. Okay, I grudgingly admit that sometimes, RL pwns SL, but it's rare.

Child still sick so we can't do all the lake stuff we wanna, like swim or bike... And I have to share internet on the one plug-in land line. Ugh. Home time yet?

***Avatar: Lost Furest kani in splotchy
***Dress: Draconic Kiss Bound Heart
***Hair: kin-Ryuuzaki in white and black
***Boots: Lazy Places Vlinder Boots in Monarch

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