Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now with 75% more boob

Outfit credits are at the bottom of this post, as always ♥

I haz a new shape. It is Boneflower Designs' ~broken~ shape. It is no-mod, and cost me 900L. I really love the face -- the designer spent a lot of time on it! I must admit that I'm shy about the size of the boobs. I'm not used to being booblicious IRL or in SL, so it always makes me pause when I catch a profile angle...if the shape were mod, I'd tone it down a tad, but I realize that I'm rare. The other mod that I'd make to this shape is to reduce the skull size a bit, although I understand that it's large in order to look cutely anime-esque!

The shape goes with the Boneflower's Whispers of Night skins that I totally love, but also looks great with the new Minajunk exotic skins (photos below)! Despite my shyness at such a curvy avatar, it must be eye-catching, because while wandering the grid this morning no less than three people asked me questions about my outfit.

The outfit, I admit, comes from dedicated scrounging. I spent a while on the camp chairs at Dark Eden this morning and got the belt and boots for free (mmm, boots and belts); found the hoodie at Useless Children's new outlet at Floyd; and got the tights as a freebie during the iTuTu skybox event. So yes, totally tossed together while sitting on a camp chair. Do I still look like "me" in this outfit? Hmm.

Minajink exotic skins in red, pink and blue

***Shape: Boneflower Designs ~ broken ~ real girls female shape - sasha
***Pants: **TC in SHELTER** The Closet Tone Denim in black
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Coronis - Ivory
***Belt: Dark Eden camp chair item, Mania white belt, small
***Shoes: Dark Eden camp chair item, mistweave boots in white
***Socks: amerie's Naughty *aN* Candy Socks star
***Bracelets: Curious Kitties Ribbon Bound Bracelet in orange
***Hoodie: Useless Children *UC* Cat-parker
***Skin: Minajink skin exotic in red, pink and blue

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