Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jung would have a field day

Funny little story.

Eshi Otawara made a black swan dress for Rezzables. Lokum Shilova gave it to me this morning to review, and I put it on. It was lovely, a froth of black tutu and boa descending over a feathered bodice. Just my thing! Shortly thereafter, while hopping around on Flickr, I came across the One Hour Sim Project in Desperado. The photos looked gorgeous, so I went for a visit.

The sim was amazing. You appear inside of a fragrant bouquet of lotuses. The lotuses form a space sculpture, and more spinning blossoms inside invite meditation and peace...

"Hey," chuckled a woman standing near me as I marveled at the loveliness, "you look nice in my dress." It was Eshi Otawara herself. It turns out that she was behind not only the gorgeous dress, but the build too. Sometimes, the synchronicity in Second Life is scary...

The Black Swan event is tempting and will make me broke. This is why I've only written about this dress so far. Darn those prices, I'd buy every one of those dark lovely frocks and suits if I could.

Eshi Otawara, the designer of this dress, poses with me at her sim Desperado

***Frock: Ballerina Outfit by Eshi Otawara for Fashion Inspired by Black Swan
***Ach's hair: BettiePage Voyager BP* hot chocolate / hair L


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Lokum Shilova said...

how funny before I read the blog I was staring at your gorgeous photos and I thought to myself Achariya looks awfully like Eshie No wonder why :) I am glad you like the dress