Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Just-

What a fun morning. katat0nik tugged me over to the Aoharu ice cream event. She handed me a nice cold cone and pointed excitedly to the stand. "Ten lindens for random ice cream!"

I stood there and fed lindens to the stand with great fascination for a while, getting earrings, necklaces, and a number of cones which I promptly distributed to all the awake people on my friend list. Mint chocolate chip, orange sherbert, strawberry, green tea. I have a total fondness for asian ice cream flavors, and because of this, my RL self needs to hit the pan-Asian market tonight. (Have you ever had mochi-covered ice cream balls? Yum.)

I'm still wearing frocks from Floyd! This one is a neat vintage dress from Coucou. I'm wearing it with new hair from katat0nik (Phire wrote about the hair here) and this gorgeous bloody skin from Minajunk. (Damn you, pretty skin-makers, for making pretty skins! And bless you too!)

And because ice cream puts me in mind of Spring and festivals and fun, here's a snippet from e.e.cummings:



balloonMan whistles

***Floaty lights: iTuTu garden & furniture Loofhalight set C
***Dress: *coucou* retro dress - pink flower-
***Skin: Minajunk Defiantly01 normal
***Nails: adam n eve coffee bean finger nails
***Faun ear, horns, tail: Queen Titania's Court female faun in fire
***Hair: *katat0nik* (naturals) Lolli Hair
***Ice cream: AOHARU_SoftIceCream_Strawberry_Milk
***Necklace: AOHARU SoftIceCream_greentea
***Faun legs: Sharda Mirabeau [ OB ] Faun Legs in Bay

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Dawn said...

*psssst It was Phire Zuhra who blogged the hairs not me.*

<3 The icecream!!!