Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The hills are alive

I am still having a bit of fun with this new shape, as you can see. In some skins (especially this one, where the boob shading is quite pronounced), my avatar looks all set for a night in Amsterdam. The faces on these skins are gorgeous -- they come in a pack of three (makeups below) for 1000L, amazingly affordable for non-Eloh-mod skins. I discovered this skin source from Beanie loves Japan! And I love Beanie ♥...

I am still working through my prospectus revisions. Therefore, I'll be brief and not wordy today, and leave you with this empty space where my mind was. Empty spaces feel like haiku to me, and this one that reminds me of hugging my kid (from the Quarterly journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry):

southerly change
my daughter's cheek
hot against mine

-- by Sandra Simpson

Too bad I couldn't find a haiku about mountains. Or...valleys. Or...

Skins: Hal*Hina F/Gothic Basic Set in *pink* *leaf* and *black*

***Skins: Hal*Hina F/Gothic Basic Set in *pink* *leaf* and *black*
***liprings: Ellantha Larsson's Abalone Lip pierce with face light
***Shape: Boneflower Designs ~ broken ~ real girls female shape - sasha
***Nails: Adam and Eve *ae* rouge finger nails
***Necklace: Violet Voltaire Angel Necklace in black/white
***Faun Parts: Queen Titania's Court faun in obsidian
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Chloe sculpted flat in black
***Pants with bondage belts: Schadenfreude rust lurking, from the outfit
***Hair: Zero Style *Ayase* in Ginger Brown
***Shirt: Kyoot Army [KA] Electro Ballet in black, from the outfit


Gogo said...

Ooo great hair, gotta get this!

Auntykuro said...

yay gogo! i heart zero style. they have a ton of fun stuff.

Dawn said...

*flail* You look so cute!!! But then again you are cute no matter how you look ^-^

o.o that's some crazy boob shading going on there

Auntykuro said...

*grin* thanks ! this new shape really is adorable. >.>

and yeah.......

Alyx Sands said...

Ach, you're not the only one staring at your virtual I have actually BEEN to Amsterdam! ;-?

I also love Zero Style-they're one of my staple hair styles that look like my RL hair.

Noam said...

Cuuuuute. That shape and that skin are awesome together.