Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dusky Ach post one

Thanks to /artilleri/ for the awesome beach

Hello! No, it really is Ach, dressing out of my comfort zone. The next five days are going to be M&R Skin Challenge, in which I try to figure out how to dress for Rosemary and Mimi's brand new skins -- in the darkest shades.

"I should send you the three lightest tones, right?" Rosemary said.

"Hmmm," I replied, "What about the three darkest!"

I put on the darkest skin and tried to find myself. What colors go with dark skin? What hair? My brain fled for a while, and for inspiration I turned to the feed. Lots of fine people have been wearing Zaara's clothing, and I thought perhaps the brightness of the fabric would stand out against the dark shades of this skin. So's not to steal other people's outfits, I'm also in boyish cargo shorts and bleached-out beach hair.

These skins -- I really love the softness of the features, especially the dusting of freckles on this makeup and the way it makes my eyes look thoughtful. The focus is definitely upon the structure of the face, with gentle contouring and careful shading instead of hiding anything behind color.

Yep, I'll be wearing these skins all week -- you'll get to see me flail as I work to dress in a skin that doesn't feel like me. I promise you that sometimes you'll laugh ("OMG. What was she thinking!"), but I will keep in mind that the point is to try new things and be creative...

***Skin: Rosemary and Mimi Coral *M&R Birthday Suit - Eclipse - Electric - Black makeup
***Bracelet: ::69:: Sprinkles Bracelet in Gold
***Hair: ETD - Al - Short Bob
***Sandals: ::69:: Beach sandals -- group gift with color changing hud
***Shorts: Doc Eldritch designs DE Cargo Shorts in Tan
***Belleh chain: Foxchase Designs Trouble Belly Chain
***Top: Zaara: Xacuti in burnt yellow-olive


Lawless McBride said...

your boobies are peeking at me!!!....blushes...

Auntykuro said...

LAWLESS -- Eyes up, man!